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upGrad in its latest campaign encourages India Inc. to skip excuses and make the right career investments

The campaign features 3 films with relatable real-life scenarios to address the wider perception issues of professionals.

upGrad, Asia’s largest integrated learning, skilling and workforce development, and placement company has unveiled the third and very important tranche of its most popular digital Campaign ‘Real People, Real Stories’. The new campaign is designed to inspire working professionals to upskill with market-ready courses and gain a competitive edge for successful career shifts. The campaign features 3 films with relatable real-life scenarios to address the wider perception issues of professionals who often delay upskilling for something less material in life or to a future date.

Conceptualized by upGrad’s in-house Content and Brand teams, the 3-part digital films have been uniquely shot to highlight the strong learning pillars that have been helping upGrad learners develop stronger subject foundations backed by hands-on training and assignments for tangible career outcomes after program completion. Some of these elements include live lectures on niche topics, 1:1 mentorship sessions, industry-led modules and case studies, interview preparation and a unique simulating platform to practice coding among others. Each film opens with fictional on-screen characters and introduces upGrad’s real-life learners in the second half of the plot who have experienced the curriculum benefits, thus also overcoming the apprehensions associated with upskilling or online learning as a concept.

Commenting on the launch, Ankit Khirwal, head of marketing at upGrad said, “In our research, we found out that professionals always procrastinate investing in their careers through upskilling. They prefer to invest their time, money and trust in indulgences or short-term gratifications, mostly because upskilling is hard and the outcome is not immediate. Most realise it until it is too late – in the form of delayed or no promotions, poor increments, and a mismatch of competency with a better job profile. This campaign is to implore professionals like us to not make wrong choices for something that is essential in today’s world where existing job profiles are rapidly becoming obsolete. One must do enough to stay relevant and ahead, like the 10M other professionals who took the right step and trusted in upGrad for their careers. Our 85% completion rate is a testament to the effectiveness of our courses and upGrad’s commitment to making India a skilled knowledge superpower."

Shreyas Shevade, head of creative and content marketing at upGrad added, “People make excuses to not do things that are good for them. It’s baffling but true. It’s why most people are unhealthy but few do anything about it, why most people don’t buy insurance despite life being uncertain, and also why despite tens of millions of jobs getting defunct every year, only 10 million people have enrolled into upGrad since inception. As a brand we want to challenge this excuse-mindset towards work in general and upskilling in particular. We binge watch but say we don’t have time after work to upskill. We spend lakhs to upgrade our gadgets but hardly anything to upgrade our skills. Even we at upGrad see our learners getting ahead in their careers after doing a course with us but to be honest a lot of us don’t upskill even with our employee benefits. This campaign hopefully is an eye opener for both our consumers as well as our colleagues, like it has been for those who conceived it."

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