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upGrad redefines the teacher for its Teacher's Day campaign

They now include career coaches, learners support personnel, and our peers.

upGrad, a leading edutech brand, feels it is time to reconsider who our teachers are. Yes, the ones standing in front of a blackboard with a piece of chalk in hand are irreplaceable but it’s time to add a few more folks who’ve made their presence felt similar to the rise and presence of edutech in our lives.

The brand’s in-house team along with production house Mantavya has created three ads that focus on new kinds of teachers in our lives. They are our peers who teach us as they learn stuff along the way, the career counsellors and mentors who ensure we don’t dunk an interview, and the good folks from those learners support who’re up all night long to help clear our problems.

Arjun Mohan, CEO-India, upGrad said, “This is the brainchild of an internal discussion around students’ support who are tasked with guiding and supporting our learners to understand their career aspirations. The team goes that extra mile for our learners to instil confidence and push them to drive positive transitions for themselves.”

“... at upGrad, we believe that teachers are no longer limited to the industry experts who are teaching the concepts but it also encompasses the peers and the student mentors who accompany the learners through their upskilling journey.”