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Volkswagen drives away evil Ravan from Hyderabad

Volkswagen had released a short ad film on the occasion of Dusshera last year as well.

On the occasion of Dusshera, auto manufacturer Volkswagen unveiled a short ad film featuring actors portraying Ram and Ravan in a light-hearted scene. The ad showcases Ram driving a Volkswagen Virtus and offering Ravan a lift.

To accommodate Ravan's ten heads, he sits in the back seat, smiling as he fastens his seatbelt. The ad concludes with a powerful message: 'Let the good in you drive away evil.'

Volkswagen has a tradition of releasing ads related to the Dusshera theme; last year, they featured children playing the roles of Ram and Ravan to mark the occasion. That ad ends with 'Innocence over Evil'.

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