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When a fallen soldier rose to finish the Whopper

It’s an ad for Burger King but it’s not what it seems. Read on.

While scouring the net, we came across a Burger King (BK) ad that seemed a bit out of the ordinary; something you expect from the US fast-food giant.

The “Great Leader” has one of his soldiers become a tester and taste his food (a Whopper) and as we expected, the poor soldier drops dead. The general who’s now the prime accused pleads his innocence but there’s little he can do. As everyone clears the room, the fallen soldier rises and devours the Whopper.

We thought it was another brilliant ad from BK but turns out it was a spec. Yes, as per AdAge, director Daniel Kontur found the script on, it’s a site where creatives post unproduced scripts.

Kontur was trying to bolster his resume with such work and he told AdAge, “Nobody will hire you unless you already have commercials on your showreel. My narrative work didn’t really help me get noticed by agents and production houses.”

Fernando Machado, Global CMO at Burger King parent RBI said, “I don’t find it so risky, but I tend to like things which are more raw and real.”

It’s a testament to Burger King’s advertising prowess when even spec work looks so amazing.


Directed by Daniel Kontur

Written by Dan Sorgen and Andrew Reizuch at Saatchi & Saatchi

Produced by Szabolcs Moradi

DOP: Zoltan Devenyi

Art Director: Linda Pava

Music by Luke Richards

Sound by Mauricio d'Orey Grade by Jano Fekete