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Winkies awards 361 degrees its social media management, digital marketing strategy and accelerating digital presence

Every new collaboration brings out the best in us. For a veteran brand like Winkies, 361 Degrees is all set to play the role of the primary digital marketing agency and deliver the brand message in an appetizing way to its target audience . Winkies is known for its delicious range of perfectly baked packaged cakes & confectionery and 361 Degrees is known for their out-of-the-box ideas to provide end-to-end strategy, content, designing, search and social media marketing solutions.

Aarushi Saria, founder of 361 Degrees, said, "We are extremely proud and excited to work with Winkies. We all have our own favourite Winkies cake in the office. So when we joined hands, everyone felt the sweet joy and were eager to share their quirky ideas. 361 Degrees Team looks forward to enhancing their digital presence and amplifying customer's engagement in a crowded yet highly competitive space."

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