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WinZO gets Dhoni to emulate Bobby Deol’s ‘Jamal Kudu’ dance in this ad

The new ad film comes just ahead of IPL, with the CSK legend plugging the online gaming platform.

WinZO, an online gaming platform, has unveiled a new ad film featuring celebrated cricketer MS Dhoni and Bollywood actor Bobby Deol. The ad film, while plugging WinZO’s games and prizes, imbibes aspects of the recent blockbuster film Animal.

In the ad film, Dhoni is seen in a hospital setting, using WinZO app on his phone. He’s waiting for his next opponent on the online gaming platform, when the game pegs him against Bobby Deol, or ‘Lord Bobby’, as the ad calls him. 

The two are seen exchanging a few competitive words, before starting a game of ‘Metro Surfer’. Dhoni, in a comical way, refers to Bobby Deol’s Animal movie, suggesting that the actor lost in the film, and will lose in the game as well. To which Deol’s response is a bet- if Dhoni loses, he has to reenact Bobby Deol’s popular dance from the film with a glass of water.

The scene being referred to here is the first sequence in Animal where Bobby Deol’s character Abrar Haque is revealed. In the film, Bobby Deol introduces himself with a glass of whiskey, while dancing to the tune of now viral song Jamal Kudu.

WinZO onboarded MS Dhoni as its brand ambassador in 2022. Since then, the veteran cricketer has been featured in multiple ads from the brand, including last year’s commercial that appeared during the IPL. 

With a lot of speculation about Dhoni retiring from IPL, the brand leveraged the conversations to build its IPL campaign.

Depicting what appears to be a press conference, the ad film showed Dhoni addressing an audience and revealing that he was switching sports, upon which a commotion occurs. Calming the frantic audience, he reassures them that he meant his mobile games. 

Dhoni also starred alongside commentator Ravi Shastri in a WinZO commercial for the ICC Men’s World Cup. This time, the two cricket celebrities were seen making fun of social media conversations around Ravi Shastri’s affinity towards ‘drinks’.

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