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Wright Brand believes that bacon sizzling sound can be enticing

The 19-minute-22-second-long ‘Bacon Beats’ record is a tribute to the brand’s founding in 1922.

There are many ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) videos available on YouTube that have racked up billions of views. These bizarre videos often include someone whispering into a microphone, and are said to give viewers a tingling, relaxing sensation. When weaved into an ad’s narrative, this allows the brand to create a personal connection with the consumers in moments when other mediums can’t.

The Wright Brand believes that the sound of bacon sizzling in a hot pan can be very enticing. So, it hired Ogilvy to produce a high fidelity recording of it on vinyl.

The ‘Bacon Beats’ feature a 19-minute-22-second-long recording of the bacon sizzling sound. The record’s length is a tribute to the brand’s founding in 1922. The record also features interviews with Wright Brand employees. The interviews were conducted at the Vernon, Texas bacon plant.

The record was then distributed to TikTok music producers, who were encouraged to sample the cooking sounds and interviews within their own creative works. The soundtrack, filled with satisfying pops and crackles, was shared on YouTube and TikTok, with a video showing a split screen of bacon frying and the record spinning.

The brand also used social media updates to encourage the shoppers to head to those locations to support both the ‘Bacon Beats’ and independent record stores. As a teaser, the Wright Brand released a clip of the ‘Bacon Beats’ video with the question, “Is this the sound of bacon or vinyl?”