Ubaid Zargar

Zomato taps into Desi hip hop scene with its very own ‘Zomato Wala Rapper’

This is the second time a Zomato rider has put on their hip hop hat in a video.

One of Zomato’s delivery riders has a history of rap. He goes by the name of ‘Zomato Wala Rapper’, and has his own YouTube channel with rap songs dating as far back as 2018. Zomato appears to have taken note of his talents, with the food aggregator platform unveiling a dedicated rap song featuring the rider. 

Titled Zomato Rider Top Pe, the song sees Vishal (@zomatowalarapper), describe the experience of a Zomato rider, albeit in rhymes over a high-tempo beat. The song starts off with Vishal correcting what appears to be another rapper, who is seemingly unwelcoming of Vishal’s comments. Offended by the response, Vishal takes to the camera along with his crew, with a song of his own. 

The rapper is clad in Zomato gear, and is surrounded by his crew in the same attire. The lyrics, however, appear to have come straight from Zomato headquarters. Loosely translated, the rapper can be heard saying “Can’t drive past the speed of 100”, “I’m happy if the customer is happy”, “The roads are tough, but I don’t back down”, and so on and so forth. 

Zomato announced the collaboration with Vishal through a series of posts across the brand's social media handles. The caption reads, "We’re honoured to open the stage for our very own Vishal (IG: @zomatowalarapper), our delivery partner and a super talented rapper. Show some support for his new song ❤️". The posts have generated significant buzz, highlighting Vishal's musical journey and encouraging followers to support his latest song. Which is interesting, since given Vishal’s YouTube channel, his dream appears to be making a name in the Desi Hip Hop (DHH) scene. And Zomato is apparently helping its employee chase that dream.

Speaking of DHH, Zomato has its own little history with the community. Here is another rap song that Zomato had concocted back in 2020. The video carries a very similar overarching vibe, but this time, the lyrics are skewed more towards food, Zomato’s availability and the ease of ordering in.

In December 2022, the brand also partnered with popular comedian influencer Samay Raina, where Raina became a Zomato delivery rider for a day. After trying to convince every Zomato rider he came across to spend a day with him, he finally found his match in Soni Ramachandra, also known as MC Lit, a woman Zomato rider who is also a vivid DHH performer and an enthusiast.

It wasn’t long before Raina found himself going bar for bar with Ramachandra, who by her own admission is doing her Zomato gig as a side hustle while she pursues her rap career. Thing is, from the looks of it, the collaboration between the two seems orchestrated by Zomato itself. Nonetheless, the video uploaded on Raina’s YouTube channel has amassed over 1.7 million views so far, and the comments are filled with people showering praise for the delivery rider. 

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