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Zomato's new ads equate food and happiness - sans talk of health, calories

The ads show people biting into pizza, burgers, biryani and dal makhani to push the thought of 'eat what makes you happy', safely.

During lockdown in 2020, most people took to cooking their own meals and refrained from ordering in. While cooking your own food is healthier, the process of cleaning up after yourself once you're done eating can be... rather depressing.

Zomato's new ads are a clear sprint in the opposite direction. The YouTube pre-roll ads feature men and women digging into their favourite dishes - biryani, pizza, burgers and dal makhani. These dishes are traditionally a little harder to cook at home and its possible that people refrained from ordering them during lockdown.

The theme of the ads is - 'Eat what makes you happy'. We see the satisfied customers sitting back with a sigh and a smile on their faces as they bite into their favourite foods. The ad also contains a reminder that it is indeed safe to order food online and offers a discount code too.