Rahul Jauhari

Liftman's Log (1.03)


The first one just walked in.


Met the top floor agency big man today.

Wears a suit.

Serious type.

Is permanently glued to his phone.

Blackberry Babu.


There is another big man in the top floor agency.

Wears kurta and jeans.

Wears an earring too.

Fultoo designer-desi maal.

I'm sure he is a big man.

Why else would the beedi-smoking bhaiyya and those three chicklets suck up to him like that?


I think beedi-smoking bhaiyya is having a scene with that chicklet from the 17th floor agency.

This was the seventh time they went for a smoke since morning.

Imean how does she know when he will go for a smoke?

Must keep an eye on them.


That designer-desi maal big man is a hotshot guy.

Thoda famous type.

Comes to office once or twice a week.

Rest of the days he is shooting films.

Seems he does films with big Bollywood stars also.


Ah. So the accounts these people talk about are not savings accounts.

That's what they call the seth-log who pay them to make ads.

Must make note.


Power cut happened.

Lift got stuck on between 4th and 5th floor.

Blackberry Babu was in it with me.

Don't tell anyone, but I discovered he knows a lot of Hindi gaalis.

Really good ones.


Time to head home.

Looks like the fellows are working all night.

There is something called a pitch coming up.

Beedi-smoking bhaiyya told the chicklet.

Apparently she is not to tell anyone of her agency people about it.