Rahul Jauhari

Liftman's Log (1.07)


Yawn. This December is chillier than usual.


Beedi-smoking-bhaiyya just told his chicklet that he is ready with his scam.

Vella weirdo.

As usual he has no work.


He just told Blackberry Babu about his scam plan also.

Seems big boss Desi Dude has already given his blessings.

Must check with Supervisor.

These fellows do chaara-ghotalas also?


Today's Learning:

a. Every year-end, the weirdos spend money making some ads.

b. The idea is to run them in places where no one sees them.

c. All the ads are then sent with an application fee to this place.

d. The same weirdos get together at that place and pick a few of these ads.

e. More money is spent next to book this place near a beach.

f. Everyone hits the beach, drinks and celebrates the ads chosen earlier.

g. The weirdos who made the chosen ads become famous for a year.

h. A time-honored industry tradition, this is repeated every year.


I thought a scam was something in which you made money.

Ye to bilkul ulta hai bhaiyya.


Beedi-smoking-bhaiyya wants to shoot me.

I have to stand and pretend to read this poster that he will stick on the wall.


Asked Beedi-smoking-bhaiyya if I will get model charges.

He said he has no money, but very senior industry weirdos will see the picture.

Who knows one of them might cast me in his next film.


The shoot got over in ten minutes.

He took my picture from behind.

No senior industry weirdo will ever figure out who I am.

Bloody scamster.