Rahul Jauhari

Liftman's Log (1.08)


Back from the village! Had a super New Year break :-D


Going to Supervisor for full debrief.


What I missed during my winter vacation:

The weirdos had a Christmas party.

The DJ played Sheila Ki Jawani seventeen times.

Beedi-smoking-bhaiyya mixed vodka with tequila.

Blackberry Babu mixed tequila with vodka.

Desi Dude mixed everything available.

Beedi-smoking-bhaiyya asked Blackberry Babu for his missing increment.

Blackberry Babu told Beedi-smoking-bhaiyya he didn't deserve any.

Beedi-smoking-bhaiyya called Blackberry Babu a baniya.

Blackberry Babu called Desi Dude to intervene.

Beedi-smoking-bhaiyya called Desi Dude an idea-chor.

Dhishoom-dhishoom happened.


Seems Beedi-smoking-bhaiyya got fired the next working day.

Poor fellow.

I will miss his bad breath.


Beedi-smoking-bhaiyya just walked in. Huh.


Weird. He went to the 17th floor.

Must have gone to meet that chicklet of his ;-)


Breaking News:

The 17th floor weirdos have hired Beedi-smoking-bhaiyya.

So now he works in the same office as his chicklet.

And gets more pagaar.

Everything changes. Yet nothing changes.

Isko kehte hain kahaani main twist.

Wah re advertising!