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After Lays, Parle-G jumps on the Bunshah train with 'Bunsha-G' packaging

The influencer, known for his humorous takes and as the reel went viral, it caught Parle-G's attention.

One of the most loved Indian biscuit brands, Parle-G, recently got a new (temporary) makeover with the face of Influencer Zervaan J Bunshah on the packet, replacing Parle-G’s iconic mascot.

The dominoes started tumbling when Bunshah posted a reel in a puzzled look with a tricky question. He asked, “If you meet the owner of Parle-G, do you call him Parle sir, Mr Parle or Parle G (Ji)?” on the backdrop of the catchy Bollywood tune “A Ji O Ji Lo Ji Suno Ji.” 

The video got the attention of netizens, and Parle-G also joined the trend, with a comment from the official account of the company. They wrote, “Bunshah ji, you can call us the OG.”

That’s not all! Parle G then uploaded a post featuring a smiling image of Bunshah on the biscuit wrapper with the caption, "While you figure out what to call the owner of Parle-G, you can call us your favourite biscuit to enjoy with a cup of chai. What say @bunshah ji."

Zervaan was pleasantly surprised by the post and thanked Parle-G for the fun season’s greetings.

In November, Bunshah became popular when his rant video against Lay’s Magic Masala went viral. Later, Lay’s responded that the Magic Masala would return to the market again. 

Later, he became the influencer of the brand. He went to the factory of the brand and eventually collaborated with the brand in the launch of the original Lay’s flavour. 

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