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MDH and Everest, among other spices, have been deemed unfit for consumption in Rajasthan: TOI

Officers and chief medical and health officers across the state have been instructed to confiscate the unsafe spices.

Rajasthan's health department has discovered that many Indian spice brands, such as MDH, Everest, Gajanand, Shyam, and Sheeba Taza, do not pass quality tests, as per a TOI report.

The studies revealed that the spices had pesticide and insecticide levels well above the allowed limits, which could potentially endanger health.

On May 8, a mission began to collect spice samples from every district in the state, resulting in the collection of 93 samples. A State Central Public Health Laboratory report revealed that some samples had elevated levels of pesticides and insecticides. Instructions were given to designated officers and chief medical and health officers across the state to confiscate the unsafe spices.

Letters have been sent to the food safety commissioners of Haryana and Gujarat, where MDH, Everest, and Gajanand have their manufacturing units, requesting necessary action. Iqbal Khan, the food safety commissioner, has ordered the chief medical and health officers to confiscate impacted shipments of spices from the mentioned brands, producers, sellers, and suppliers. Instructions have also been given to gather samples of additional spices and spice powders from these same brands.

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