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Zomato faces word limit woes: Mumbai man's cake order goes comically wrong

The post went viral on X and Zomato reposted it with a witty reply.

In a quirky turn of events, a cake order placed via Zomato, a food delivery app, from Kosten Patisseries, a local bakery in Mumbai, took an unexpected twist when the customer's special instructions led to a comical mishap.

Gaurav, the man behind the order, had requested a personalised touch for the birthday surprise, instructing the bakery to "Send candle. Write 'Happy Birthday Isha'. Or put a happy birthday sticker and write "Isha" if possib."

Unfortunately, the message was misinterpreted by the bakery staff, resulting in a cake with a 'Happy Birthday' sticker and 'Isha Possib' written on it with pink chocolate.

Taking the humorous mishap to social media, Gaurav posted the screenshot of order instructions and the cake he received on X, formerly Twitter. He tagged Zomato, asking the company to increase the word limit for instructions as he couldn't write the complete word and it led to confusion.

Interestingly, Zomato responded with wit, reposting Gaurav's tweet and saying, "we'll talk to the tech team if this is possib."

The tweet quickly gained traction, going viral with over 960k views and 1.2k reposts.

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