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Eureka Forbes and Triton Communications win at DMA India awards

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Company Brief
National, August 8th, 2016

This thought resulted in Eureka Forbes and Triton Communications creating a movement called Jal Daan which bagged a Silver metal at the ECHO-affiliated DMA India CREATEFFECT Awards 2016. The awards celebrate India's most creative and effective data-driven marketing campaigns.

Water-borne diseases strike millions of Indians every year. Aquaguard, India's No.1 water purifier brand, decided to make a difference and impact the vast majority who can't afford water purifiers.

It created the Jal Daan (The gift of water) movement that asked homes with purifiers to pledge and share 5 litres of safe water every day, with the less privileged people they interacted with daily and those who did not have access to safe water - like the domestic help, the security guard etc.

The digitally led campaign was launched in November 2015.The challenge was to not only engage people, but also make them act, in terms of people pledging, as well as sharing water with the needy.

Offering water to the thirsty in Indian culture is seen as the ultimate act of good. Hence we tapped into people's inherent desire to earn good karma. We also motivated them by giving them the opportunity of making India healthier, while sitting in the comfort of their homes.

For every pledge taken, Aquaguard contributed Rs.10/- to set up community water plants in urban slums and rural areas, lacking safe drinking water.
The Jal Daan movement has received tremendous support and is making a real difference to the health of thousands of people. More than 1 million people have already pledged support for the campaign.

Monetary contributions have exceeded Rs. 1 crore

Enough to set up 10 Community Water Plants.

2 Plants have been already set up providing thousands of families access to clean safe water everyday and others are on the way.

Jal Daan has impetus and the target is to set up many more plants and provide safe water access to millions of Indians.

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Rajesh Mehta