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Rang De Mumbai with Fever 104 FM and RJ Anuraag Pandey

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New Delhi, March 21, 2011

In a joint activity between Hindustan Times and Fever 104 FM - Rang De Mumbai, Fever 104 FM listeners were encouraged to play Holi with their neighbors. In a unique twist to the on-air Holi celebrations, RJs asked listeners to SMS and guess the favorite colour of their neighbor and RJ Anuraag Pandey will come to their society to play Holi

What's more? Hindustan Times and Fever 104 FM team also organized a Holi party and arranged for DJ and refreshments for the residents of the winning society and gave away prizes to the participating contestants. RJ Anuraag along with TV celeb Sarah Khan played Holi and danced to the festive tunes at the venue.

Mr Ajit Pillai from Gokul Horizon society Kandivali (east) was the winner of the Holi Contest. The residents of the society were ecstatic to see RJ Anuraag in person, someone whose voice they listen regularly on the radio. RJ Anuraag Pandey was made to feel at home by the residents of the society and felicitated him too. Mumbaikars favourite RJ, RJ Anuraag Pandey aka Picture Pandey's icebreakers were highly entertaining.

RJ Anuraag Pandey the morning jock at Fever 104 FM, who hosts the show called Picture Pandey from 7 - 11 AM. He also has special segment in the show called 'Breakfast with Stars' where he invites movie celebs to have breakfast on the show and talk on topics ranging from their experiences related to movies to their daily eating regime, personal life, career, interests, etc.

If you think you are the Bollywood Guru, and want to start your day listening to the latest happening in the city with Bollywood Ka Tadka, tune into Picture Pandey, Fever 104 FM, Mon-Fri from 7am - 11am.

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