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Colors launches 'Sasural Simar Ka

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Mumbai, April 25, 2011

Every girl has dreams as she grows up and so does Simar. A young girl, who has a loving family but an over protective father who doesn't let her fulfill her dreams. Premiering on April 25 from Monday to Friday in the 7.30 pm slot is Colors blithesome show 'Sasural Simar Ka', a story of a chirpy and joyous girl Simar from Vrindavan, who dreams of being a dancing star. Simar gets married and moves to her Sasural in Delhi and is nervous about how this mega city would treat her. As her sister Roli keeps questioning her on how her Sasural will treat her… Simar too is in a dilemma… Will marriage put an end to her dreams or progression towards a new start? Kaisa hoga Simar ka Sasural?

Sasural Simar Ka is based on the life of Simar who sings her grief's away while she does what she wants to do best, 'Dance'. Brought up in a middle class environment and enriched with traditions and values, Simar is far from achieving her dreams. Her over-protective father, who she adores and respects, is against her deepest desire. But as they say 'The night is the darkest just before dawn' and for Simar her Sasural will now be the question of whether it offers her the ray of hope to pursue her passion or burden her with family responsibilities?

Ashvini Yardi, Head Programming, Colors, says, "Sasural Simar Ka reflects a new social wave where a young woman is suppressed in her maika and is in a dilemma of her new life at her sasural and her ongoing passion to Dance. In the society we live, while this may be a minority, we hope to replicate and relate the story to households and young women who are faced with a similar situation where their ambitions and passions are jeopardized. I am sure the show will break through the clutter on the conventional melodrama and ensure a content experience to the viewers."

Rashmi Sharma of Sunrise Productions said "Sasural Simar Ka will be a compelling watch for viewers who appreciate lighthearted entertainment. We have deliberately stayed away from stereotypes and have etched characters that are lovable and believable. The lead character Simar (played by Deepika Samson) will resonate with any young Indian girl living in a metro or a small city. Viewers will rejoice to see their favourite Avika Gor play the protagonist's younger sister, Roli who is her friend, philosopher and guide".

The cast of Sasural Simar Ka boasts of multi-talented actors. From relatable and close to life characters, Simar's 'maika' will consist of Jamna lal Dwivedi a short tempered disciplinarian, autocratic father played by Pankaj Dheer. Alka is Simar's mother and has lived under her husband's commands. Rajjo Bua played by Himani Shivpuri, who is a great support to Simar and balances the power in the house. The naughtiest member of her family and her confidante, her younger sister Roli will be played by Avika Gor.

Other than her husband Rajat, Simar's 'sasural' consists of 'Mataji' played by Jayati Bhatia, who heads the family, is a stickler but fun loving and has grey shades.

Tune in to Sasural Simar Ka for your daily dose of light hearted entertainment From April 25th, Monday to Friday at 7.30pm only on Colors.

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