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Paramount Farms International launches Bangalore marketing campaign For Wonderful Pistachios

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Company Brief
Bangalore, June 16, 2011

Paramount Farms International Private Limited (PFI), an affiliate of Paramount Farms Inc., the world's largest grower and processor of California pistachios, initiated a widespread marketing campaign in Bangalore for its global Wonderful Pistachios brand. The company is investing USD 350,000 in its above-the-line (ATL) and below-the-line (BTL) promotions across print, radio and out-of-home advertising to raise local consumer awareness for Wonderful Pistachios. The "Snack for a Stronger Heart" campaign, which runs from May to September 2011, will reach more than a million consumers in Bangalore and serve as the basis for a national marketing campaign in 2012.

Mark Masten, vice president of global sales and marketing, Paramount Farms International said, "Bangalore's highly cosmopolitan consumer base is the perfect market for our premium Wonderful Pistachio brand, which appeals to a sophisticated, quality and health-conscious consumer. The results from the Bangalore market will enable us to develop a full-scale marketing campaign effort aimed at key metropolitan cities across India, further supporting our vision of making Wonderful Pistachios the number one snack nut brand in India."

The "Snack for a Stronger Heart" marketing campaign will promote the positive health benefits of California pistachios as a snack through focused programs including sampling trials, radio contests, innovative print advertisements, and eye-catching billboards in high-traffic areas. The company has associated with leading FM channels for on-air promotions and is partnering with select multiplexes as a part of its promotional activity. Marketing activities are currently underway at residential buildings, malls, multiplexes, cafes, fast food chains, restaurants, clubs and corporate houses across the city to further increase the visibility.

The Wonderful Pistachio brand enjoys a strong distribution network in Bangalore and is currently present in more than 2500 retail outlets, a 100 percent distribution increase from the previous year. Wonderful Pistachios aim at generating around 250,000 trials during the campaign and increasing the sales three-fold within the activity timeframe.

India remains an important market for Paramount Farms, where it plans to invest $ 10 million on its India operations, and an estimated $ 1 million expenditure have been allocated for outreach, advertising, and consumer education in support of the Wonderful Pistachio brand. The company recently commissioned e health research conducted by Dr Anoop Misra and Dr Seema Gulati of Diabetes Foundation (India) and Fortis Hospital which showed that a daily 1.5 -2.0 oz snack of pistachios, in addition to a standardized diet and lifestyle plan, significantly lowers both total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol. The findings were presented at the 2011 Experiment Biology conference, Washington D.C.

Evidence shows that a diet incorporating nuts, such as pistachios, helps support a healthy cardiovascular system. Among nuts, pistachios offer the most phytosterols, a component believed to compete with dietary cholesterol from other foods for absorption in the body. Pistachios are a good source of heart-healthy fats and contain no trans-fat. Among nuts, California pistachios are the lowest-calorie, lowest-fat, and offer a good source of both protein and fiber making it a nutritious snack option.

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