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Imagine launches two enthralling stories starting 4th July

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Mumbai, July 1, 2011

Subsequent to carving a niche in the fiction genre with an array of successful, path-breaking shows to its credit, Imagine TV now launches two new compelling shows - Dwarkadheesh : Bhagwan Shri Krishn & Saware Sabke Sapne : Preeto. The two high-intensity dramas will air in the prime time slots starting 4th July, Monday - Friday, at 8.00pm & 8.30pm respectively only on Imagine!

Dwarkadheesh: Bhagwan Shri Krishn, produced by Sagar Pictures, will to light the divinity & grandeur of every aspect of Lord Krishna's life. For the first time on Indian television, watch Krishna - the warrior who defeated Jarasandh 16 times, stories of Krishna the valiant lover who whisked away Rukmani from her Swayamvar, the dependable brother who got his sister married to Arjun, the savior who rescued 16000 enslaved women from the clutches of evil Jarasandh, the master strategist who guided Arjun on the path of victory…and much more!
Lord Krishna is a God for all. A hero for the kids, a lover for young girls, a friend/philosopher/guide, an ideal son….one who did not believe merely in goodness but stood firm for doing what is right. Dwarkadheesh: Bhagwan Shri Krishn will highlight the lesser known of Lord Krishna's vibrant personality. The show aims to re-enforce Lord Krishna's heroism & leadership & highlight that his philosophies are as relevant & integral to Modern India as they were to ancient times. Vishal Karwal will be playing the lead character of Krishna on this mythological magnum opus.

Produced by Creative Eye Limited, Saware Sabke Sapne: Preeto salutes and celebrates the spirit of being a woman, who is the binding force of every household. She is an obedient and loving daughter, a caring sister, a trustworthy friend and a confidante. Surpassing all this, she takes up the onus of fulfilling the dreams of her family upon her slender shoulders like the son of the house. The show traces the journey of one such daughter - Preeto.

Sawaare Sabke Sapne - Preeto is a story of the Sodi family, set against the backdrop of Punjab. At the head of the family is a retired school master Gangandeep Sodi who lives with his wife Kanwal, and have not one or two but five charming grown-up daughters! The eldest daughter is Meeta, followed by Ishmeet, Manpreet fondly known as Preeto, Bani and the youngest being Sonu. With the father struggling to make ends meet and with no son in the family to depend on, the show traces the journey of Preeto, the sole bread winner of the family who happily sacrifices her dreams and aspirations to fulfil every need of her family. From looking after her parents, to taking charge of her elder sisters' marriage to the younger one's studies; Preeto is the veritable son of the house who does not see these responsibilities as a burden upon herself. She gracefully faces all obstacles and does everything; in a way more than any son could ever do! Ankita Sharma as the spirited Preeto along with a line up of noted actors like Susheel Parashar, Nitika Anand, Divya Bhatnagar, Ira Soni, Devoleena Bhattacharjee and Mahima Makwana playing her loving family members.

Announcing the launch of the two new shows, Saurabh Tewari Head of Programming - Fiction, Imagine TV said, "The launch of these two new shows is in sync with our strategy of providing quality content for our audience which is engaging and entertaining at the same time. The backdrop and setting of Dwarkadheesh: Bhagwan Shri Krishn and Saware Sabke Sapne: Preeto are conceptually distinct from each other and unique in their own way following powerful and gripping storylines. We are confident that with a strong star cast and exceptional performances, these shows will strike a chord with our viewers across the country".

Commenting on the launch of the show, Mr. Moti Sagar, Owner, Sagar Pictures says, "Dwarkadheesh: Bhagwan Shri Krishn will tell the untold stories of Lord Krishna for the first time on Indian television.. We have recreated Krishna's Dwarka and to maintain the feel and look of the show, calendar art has been followed closely. Costumes and jewelry has been recreated with semi precious stones and pearls with elaborate embroidery to lend authenticity to the costumes worn by the Gods. It will be one of the grandest shows in terms of sets, costumes, look, casting and VFX."

Adds Dheeraj Kumar from Creative Eye Limited "Preeto is someone every girl of her age can relate to, as it is a reflection of their own lives. It is an honor to work with Imagine TV and join hands with them on this interesting show that is sure to captivate the hearts of the audiences and young girls across the country."

Dwarkadheesh: Bhagwan Shri Krishn and Saware Sabke Sapne: Preeto premiers on 4th July every Monday - Friday at 8.00 pm and at 8.30pm respectively only on Imagine!

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