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Jagran Coffee Table Book launch function

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Mumbai, September 24, 2011

Delhi witnessed a gripping 23rd September night when a grand ceremony at Hotel Creown Plaza Today, unfolded into an eventful gala. The occasion was the much awaited launch of two books- 'Sonar Mahe Jharkhand', and 'Punjab De Navrattan' which third and fourth in the series of Jagran Gems, a series of Coffee Table Books from the House of Jagran Prakashan Limited.

The event was graced by Hon'ble Minister of Information &Broadcasting, Smt. Ambika Soni, who inaugurated the book. Among others dignitaries present were Shri Mahendra Mohan Gupta (CMD and Managing Editor, JPL), Shri Sunil Gupta (Director, JPL), Sanjay Gupta (CEO, JPL) and Shri Alok Sanwal (Project Head, I next). Renowned script writer Atul Tiwari was also present. Addressing a distinguished audience comprising eminent entrepreneurs and notable luminaries from both the states, Smt. Ambika Soni expressed pleasure over the successful launch of these landmark books and congratulated everybody who contributed to this project seeing the daylight. The event saw the felicitation of the tycoons who have found prominence in the book.

Speaking at the occasion, Mahendra Mohan Gupta acknowledged their stature. "'With 'Sonar Mahe Jharkhand', and 'Punjab De Navrattan', Dainik Jagran has recognized the role of some key entrepreneurs, in the development and progress of their respective regions. It is a befitting tribute to their contribution in nation building," he revealed.

Sanjay Gupta too, put the relevance and standing of the books in perspective, "Jagran is proud to present these coffee table books as these entrepreneurs truly deserve the honour. Here's wishing them all the best in their future endeavours," he said at the function.

Jagran Gems is an attempt to acknowledge the contribution of distinguished entrepreneurs towards their respective domains and the industry at large by showcasing their success stories at a high end, upper crest platform. Jagran Gems is fast becoming a prestigious avenue for the vibrant industry leaders across the nation. Its journey entails disparate states of the country, picking some of the brightest and finest business minds of the region and threading their success sagas with their personal salience, all in an enticing mélange of exquisite photographs and racy narratives. The premium book also takes you on a quick sashay of the state through its glimpses of exotic landmarks and scenic beauty of the region.

The idea of this exercise, predominantly is to unlock the potential in youth, specially in the young businessmen by inspiring them through success stories of their more illustrious colleagues. So far JPL has been successful in making swift and worthy inroads in this wonderful fraternity.

Significantly, the launch of 'Sonar Mahe Jharkhand' and 'Punjab De Navratan' would be followed by the launches of more such books. Jagran group has committed itself to come up with other cardinal projects like Jagran Gems- Faridabad, Jagran Gems- Ghaziabad, Jagran Gems- PSUs, Jagran Gems- Mentors- UP (on educationists), Jagran Gems- The Golden Touch- UP (on jewelers).Taking this opportunity to laud his team for the great show, Project Head Alok Sanwal expressed his desire to go for more. "It is really heartening to see the books coming out so well. We have maintained a tight leash on the quality standards and have adhered to best practices at all the stages of its development- be it planning, content generation or production.

It's the synergy of our team which has engendered this wonderful product. I believe we can go notches higher in our forthcoming endeavours." He also underlined group's massive plans to promote the books and their launches, through Jagran Group publications and websites and through select national media.

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