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India's leading e-home services company Timesaverz launches a new set of TVCs under the campaign #savetheday

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Company brief
Mumbai, August 18, 2017

India's leading home service provider Timesaverz recently launched 3 short ads which are the latest from its #savetheday campaign. The three videos have been conceptualized and directed by Digital Driftwood (DDW).

Speaking about their audience, Debadutta Upadhyaya, Co-founder and CEO "For the time-starved urban Indian household, convenience is a vital factor. In the very busy lives we lead, the last thing one wants to spend time are on odd jobs and home chores. And the frustration of finding the right people for getting these jobs done - done properly and on time - is something I think all of us have gone through. Here's where TimeSaverz comes in. Since we launched, we've always been trying to reinforce our brand promise of Save the Day. Our army of professional and verified agents can tackle most of your everyday home jobs so that you can rest easy. That too with just a click of a button."

Talking about the campaign, Anita Varma, the creative director of DDW says "Home chores and errands always crop up when you least expect them. A tap that started leaking, a fridge that stops cooling or the debris of Friday night's party - there's always a corner of our mind that is home to this mess. The ads depict these instances something all of us relate to and identify with but in a light-hearted manner. It ends with a simple message that that Timesaverz - the Home Service Specialists are here to help."

The brand story been set in this peg doll universe since a while. These little peg dolls give the story more life while instantly drawing in viewers. And the distinct look and feel has helped the brand differentiate and increase recall. The playful storytelling aims tells our users that they needn't lose sleep over irritating home chores any more, thanks to TimeSaverz. The approach was to keep the communication simple, clear and clear. Much like the brand itself."

The short cute 10 seconders show a cute depiction of real life chaos. In one of the films, we see a peg doll couple on a date walking towards a clean sparkling car. It then zooms away to reveal a shabbier car, which disappoints the girl and embarrasses the guy, thus pointing his need for Car Spa services.

In another film, we see a peg doll watching a scary movie. The climax of the horror film is synchronized with a spider appearing over the peg doll's head making her shriek in fear, then ending with a call for Pest Control services. The third video shows an angry mother who needs help with Home & sofa cleaning because her two kids decided to make the house their playground.

Sigh, now that does sound familiar.

The videos have been released on TV (for the 1st time), movie theatres and digital platforms as part of the 360 degree video distribution strategy.

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