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Adventures of Chhota Birbal on Cartoon Network from October 4

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As children we have all heard the amusing yet wise stories of Akbar and Birbal. But what would have happened if say Birbal and Prince Akbar had met as kids? The animated cartoon series the Adventures of Chhota Birbal is about such adventurous, intelligent and humorous fictional stories.

The Adventures of Chhota Birbal has been conceived and directed by Kireet Khurana and executed with the help of his team at 2nz Animation Co for Climb Media. Kireet is a graduate in filmmaking from Sheridan College, Canada. He has won five president's national and two international awards, besides having been on the jury of various festivals in India.

Comprising eight episodes of 11 minutes each, Adventures of Chhota Birbal will be aired on Cartoon Network from October 4 as part of the Diwali special package. The series also features the voice talents of well-known film and television actors like Ravi Baswani as Shamsher, Shruti Ulfat as Chhota Birbal, Preeti Dayal as Prince Akbar and Tabassum as the Narrator.

"With the aim of creating more such endearing Indian animated characters, we are in the pre-production and conceptualisation phase for a couple of animation series. We are making a foray into the animation education segment in India with a curriculum designed along international standards," adds Khurana, who is also director at 2nz Animation.