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Prime Focus bags FICCI BAF award for Love Story 2050

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Company Brief
Mumbai, March 12, 2009

Prime Focus, India's leading Visual Entertainment Services group, has been honoured with the prestigious FICCI BAF Special Jury Award for 'VFX Shot of the Year' for Bollywood's biggest Sci-fi movie Love Story 2050.

Love Story 2050 is by far the most ambitious VFX film produced in India to date, and features more than 1200 VFX shots. This was also the first Indian movie to adopt the Hollywood model of using multiple post houses, with Prime Focus as the lead facility. The movie involved use of every trick in the VFX book - from basic TV screen composites to high-end photorealistic CGI such as the creation of a 2050 Mumbai cityscape, flying cars, a flying bike chase through CG high-rise buildings, and a climactic fight sequence between the protagonist and the villain on the top of a 200 storey building.

Commenting on this esteemed award, Mr. Merzin Tavaria, Creative Head VFX/Animation, Prime Focus said "We are extremely honoured to receive this recognition as we spearhead India's dominance in the worldwide digital technology and VFX revolution. This reward is a result of the collaborative effort of the makers of Love Story 2050 and over 200 Prime Focus artists who worked on the movie for over 18 months. We hope that this movie sets a benchmark for the Indian VFX industry and catapults India into the global VFX arena in the future."

The FICCI BAF award comes on the back of the 24fps Award which Prime Focus picked up in November 2008 for "Outstanding Contribution to Visual Effects" - again, for Love Story 2050. In the past, Prime Focus' work has won many awards at various other prestigious award ceremonies, including the Zee Cine Awards, IFFA, Screen Awards and many more.

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