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Guitarmonk releases 'RoG' - a music album of Indian ragas on guitar

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Mumbai, February 29, 2012

Guitarmonk has launched 'RoG' - a unique and rare music album of Indian ragas on guitar. The album is conceptualised by guitarist and music author Kapil Srivastava, with the objective of presenting Indian guitars tone and music versatility.

A person curious to hear raga scales, raga tones on guitar or Indian guitar and genres must listen to this album that gives you multi-dimensional raga scales playing. The album fuses ragas scales with multiple genres and represents plenty of fusion styles as rock and classical fusion, south and north Indian fusion, Arabian fusion, and other pure folk and classical styles on guitar. It further expresses instruments as slide guitar, shehnai, piano, drums, tabla, and pakhawaj apart from Spanish acoustic guitar.

On the occassion, Kapil Srivastava said, "Raga is like a hundred times enhancement and improvisation of a scale and there are more than 10,000 ragas in Indian classical music, further having multiple compositions to be played on each raga. A scale never sounds boring, never remains confined and monotonous when allowed implementing ragas. And the surprising fact about Raga scales is the parent scales (known as thaats), which are just 10 in numbers in the North Indian study of Classical Music. Here one can realize that how these 10 simple scales (thaats) can be enhanced, improvised and applied in playing of thousands of Ragas and millions of compositions, with different moods and feelings, over the guitar."

A special guest contribution of two tunes is done by 'SKY Band.'

Kapil Srivastav is a well known guitarist and is recognised by state governments, Delhi University, Rotary Club, Federation of Public Schools, Amity, for his persistent achievements in music, who has brought a dominant success in his 'Guitar Revolution' in India for the last one and a half decade. He has also authored five famous guitar books and is founder of Guitarmonk schools.

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