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Guitarmonk releases its 'Music for Health' album

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Company Brief
New Delhi, April 10, 2012

Guitarmonk made the best use of World Health Day 2012 on April 7, by releasing a special music therapy album as 'Music for Health' for the masses and taking this music to over 5000 corporates across India to spread health values.

Music for Health Album is a one week daily musical dose comprising of selected ragas played in flute, sitar, santoor as Day#1, Day#2, Day#3 and so on play list, is also ideal for complete ambiance playing or can be used and offered to employee at their seats too as desired by company. Corporate can also apply this music at 'lunch time' or 'Morning time' for best ambiance and outcome. A five minute music therapy implies Anti Stress Music for anyone that can be played both as Ambiance at any facility, home or can also be offered to employee at their work seat. The music is intended to reduce stress, anxiety, slowing the pulse and heart rate, lowering blood pressure, and decreasing the levels of stress hormones. Two to five minutes of music listening can ease a person out of all stress. Guitarmonk has extensively researched and produced special Raga Based Albums especially designed and recommended as an anti-stress tool for corporate and stress-prone environments. Its therapeutic value helps in transferring the negative energies to creative outlets with positive sounds and vibes. It further demonstrates the class, traditional heritage of Indian spiritual music/ragas and their influence on the human psychic and health.

Guitarmonk as a 360 degree music concept has always been a bridge between the medical fraternity and general public, has been dominant in support of various social causes in India. Guitarmonk launched several mega social movements including Water Day, Forestry Day, Earth Hour, World Population Day (a national movement), and Doctor's Day to create awareness and bridge the information gap on health and social welfare issues. The Guitarmonk Social movement was partnered by several brands as Hyundai, Blackberry's, Club Mahindra, Dr. LAL Path Labs, Shipra Mall, Unicorn Books, Big 92.7 FM, LPS etc.

Guitarmonk one of India's largest music social movements gave salutation to hundreds of doctors for their valuable contribution on Doctor's Day and gifted a special 'Music for Relaxation' Album - Kayotsarg for their lifestyle.

Honored by Health Ministry (Hon'ble Health Minister Professor Kiran Walia) and India's leading pathological chain Dr. LAL Path Labs for releasing music salutation to the medical fraternity.

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