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Span Digital unleashes campaign to introduce Theradome laser helmet in India

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New delhi, August 23, 2013

Span Digital, a full-fledged digital marketing agency, launched by Span Communications has launched a digital campaign to introduce Theradome laser helmets in India.

Theradome™, a US based medical device company focused on bringing clinical-strength technologies to the consumer market, captured mass audiences with the launch of its Theradome Laser Helmet in the US market through the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, reaching its funding goal in less than 24 hours and doubling the initial goal within five days of the campaign launch. This system, recently cleared by the FDA, was designed by world leading experts in hair loss, dermatological health, and biomedical engineering.

In surat-based naturopath Dr Rohit Shah's words, While genetics is key, modern living has contributed a range of trigger factors. "An imbalanced diet, high stress, irregular sleeping patterns, frequent perming, straightening, colouring, rebonding, all of which involve the use of chemicals, are major factors of hair thinning and loss in India. This is a competitive market with solutions ranging from homeopathy to hair transplants, and has witnessed, foreign patients flying in for affordable procedures, and Western firms looking to tie up with Indian counterparts leading to the steady growth of the domestic market.

Hair loss is far from an exclusively male problem. Yet despite how common it is, for women the subject remains largely taboo and many suffer in silence, often resorting to spending vast amounts of money on treatments that are largely ineffective, say experts. Thus, understanding the need gap, Theradome laser helmets has been introduced to offer clinical strength hair growth therapy, previously found only in hair restoration clinics, in the comfort of one's own home for a fraction of the usual cost. Theradome laser helmets offers solutions to two major problems for women witnessing hair loss:

1. Hair transplants require them to shave off their hairs in order to be able to extract hairs to the target locations and most women does not readily volunteer for such an invasive, costly and traumatizing process.

2. There is only one available drug, Minoxidil, which is only proven to grow the crown or vertex of the scalp, which women rarely go bald there.

Commenting on the launch of the campaign, Kushal Sanghvi, Founder and CEO, Span Digital said, "We are excited about the opportunity and confidence bestowed upon us by Theradome and hope to increase awareness of the one of a kind solution for hair loss in men and women causing devastating effect on their confidence." Theradome laser helmet offers the most affordable, convenient, safe, and proven solution today in the market.

The product will be promoted through a 360 degree digital media mix, comprising of search, social, display and affiliate marketing. The core objective of the campaign will be to generate ROI for the client in terms of sales.

On the recent development, Tamim Hamid, founder and CEO of Theradome, quoted "India is an exciting market for us, and we are looking forward to the product gaining popularity in the market. The product will initially be available for Indian customers on Indiegogo for a low introductory price and we are actively pursuing additional distribution channels to bring the device to every market across the globe."

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