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Online Classified Site is the Third Largest Giant of Classified Sites in India

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Company Brief
December 11,2014

Online classified site is well positioned among the top performing classified sites in India. Within less than a year since its launch in July 2014, has seen rapid growth in Indian market. Currently, the site has more than 3 million active ads. carries the third biggest market share of
the Indian online classified market. It is the third largest after Quikr and

The exceptional rise of is acquired by its innovative features & user friendly interface. Some of these free features like comparison tool that allows buyers to locate the items at the affordable price and set customized alerts that notify customers when their desired item is available. To easily navigate, the site is divided into twelve different categories and 110 subcategories which improves the visibility of advertising and customer experience while buying & selling items online.

The highest volume of ads containing category is Home with 1,951,440 active ads containing a wide range of items under Home, Furniture & Garden, Home Appliances, Decorating, Painting, DIY, Gardening & Outdoor, Household, Linen, and other subcategories. Followed by other popular ad categories on the site are Leisure with 1,202,327 active ads, Fashion with 132,158 active ads, Vehicle with 106,472 active ads, Electronic with 18,091 active ads, and Service with 3,961 active ads.

Another unique & popular feature is to use free customizable showcase which is useful for any seller. It only takes eight ads and few clicks to go live. This feature provides an elegant playing fields to small seller and creates same polished first impression as its professional vendors.

The site is completely integrated with all popular social media like Twitter, Facebook and Google+ that unable users to share their posted new ads, share new favorite as and share their live showcases. Within few clicks, the favorite buying and selling items can be shared with the right people. The strong security features provides incredible level of safety to buyers and seller both.

With its innovative & intuitive user experience, is an emerging giant to revolutionize the online classified industry of India and becoming people's best choice while selling & purchaing items online

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