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Trackometrix ranked amongst top 20 startups by Rise Conferences, HK

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Company Brief
New Delhi, July 21, 2015

Trackometrix, a leading Singapore based startup that offers real time "Real Analytics" and customer connect for brick and mortar stores today announced that it has been recognized amongst the top 20 startup companies of Singapore by Rise Technology Innovation Conference, Hong Kong, the world's largest and leading technology event.Each week, Rise selects 25 early stage startups from around the world to showcase for free as part of their ALPHA program.

Speaking on this occasion, Ravneesh Dhaneshwar, Founder, Trackometrix said,"We are honoured to be recognised for our work and be ranked among the top 20 companies by Rise Conferences. We live in an environment of digital disruption where retailers are looking for solutions that offer real time analytics and market based analysis that will help the retailer to optimize their retail operations, efficenintly manage the supply chain, decide and offer solutions real time to their customers. Since our set up, Tackometrix has been focused towards coverging the offline world with the online and offer much more than just click to brick to retailers and digital natives." We are like google analytics but we are for brick and mortar stores.

Trackometrix Real Time Retail Analytics SAAS solution offers retailers an exceptional technology using Face Recognition, Motion Detecting & OCR to detect & auto tags every consumer with a unique identification no., assigns age & gender, detects moods, and occupancy levels with the store and purchase trend to track, trail and sense patterns of behavior,motion and transaction this way retailers can get a sense of occupancy levels,age and gender of consumers,Unique Vs. Retpeat footfalls,floor & shelf effectiveness,Signage & window effectiveness, walk by vs walk in conversions,que time & abandonment,Retail Performance Index,Loyalty assist etc.

This Real Time Analytics helps retailers understand the in-store shopper's activity and movement with varying levels of detail and granularity and is flexible to changing environments and changing goals giving retailers the opportunity to connect with consumers real time on the shop floor making sure retailers can up sell/Cross Sell, understand market basket affinity, predict footfalls and purchase. Trackometrix works with retailers to ensure that the consumers have a memorable shopping experience and come back for more.
Trackometrix is bring about a digital disruption wave which allows retailers to use their existing CCTV infrastructure to detect, track, trail, sense & connect with customers all in "Real Time" like never before. Trackometrix can also accomaodate retailers who want to link store camera feed directly to the cloud and get it analysed in Real Time.

Trackometrix on India Market

Speaking on the India market,Ravneesh Dhaneshwar,said "The Indian retail market is expected to double to US $ 1 trillion* by 2020 driven by income growth , urbanization and attitutal shift. Ths highlights a huge potential for our solution in the market wiith retailers looking for insights that helps them connect with customers real time. Our major development and analytics is India based and we have already started signing up and deploying retailers in the market".

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