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Catalyst PR scouts for Investment partner with expertise in Public relations to aid growth and expansion across India

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Company Brief
Mumbai, August 27, 2015

Chennai-based Catalyst Public Relations Pvt. Ltd. is a leading PR and communications firm. Operating for last 15 years, the company is seeking an investment partner with domain expertise and strong presence in Delhi and Mumbai to mentor and strategically invest for further business growth. The company plans to double its turnover from its present 2 crores to 4 crores by 2015-16. Catalyst PR, together with the strength and expertise of its partnering company aims to have a pan-India presence.

With a robust network of associate partners in Coimbatore, Madurai, Trichy, Salem, Puducherry, Bangalore, Cochin and Hyderabad, Catalyst PR as a South Indian associate, extends its services to over 30 PR agencies in India.

Catalyst PR, founded in 1997 by a veteran journalist, Mr.Ramkumar Singaram, offers over 2500 media-related services for over 400 clients across India. Media conferences, Press release dissemination, facilitating Media relations, Crisis Management, Selling TV slots and News Tracking are few of the many services rendered to clients across varied industries.

CADD Centre, Naturals Family Salon, Eagle Diaries, Shriram Group,Campus Abroad, Gold Winner, SSN College of Engineering, Sri Sai Ram College of Engineering, Vels University, Pebbles Infotainment, Sangeeta Restaurant, Sakthi Masala, etc, are among its list of clientele.

"The services of Catalyst PR are currently confined only to South India. We are not able to help our clients with PR services in Northern region. Hence Catalyst PR is looking for a partner, enhancing mutual growth, leveraging each others' strengths and sharing domain knowledge and expertise. The company aims at extending its services to brands in North India, looking for visibility, growth and recognition in South India too. Similarly, we expect the collaboration to benefit our clients here in South with publicity needs in North India - the potential business that we are presently not able to tap." says Mr. Ramkumar Singaram, Founder-CEO, Catalyst PR.

For further information, please contact:

Gaurav Jain
Mobile: +91 9841047455