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Sanjeevani Advertising Co appoints Iqbal Raj as Creative Director

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Company Brief
Mumbai, October 09, 2015

Sanjeevani Advertising Co. was established in 1993, for over 2 decades, Sanjeevani has honed its expertise in the field of Media. Now its focus is emphatically on Strategy and Creative that can help the clients build their brands.We have now got a specialized digital team, because we think, feel and speak in the consumer's language. To achieve that, we have added new talent to our ranks and have appointed Mr. Iqbal Raj as creative director on 10th August 2015 @ Mumbai Head Office.

Focus on Strategy and creative

Speaking his new role Raj says "We want to be a game changer in the industry and come up with fresh ideas and contemporary methods. The ideas and methods used in the industry today by the agencies are stale and old."

Today, you have to take your message to the consumer wherever she is! and she can be in more than one place at the same time.Suddenly advertising cannot sufficiently advertise your brand. The medium has indeed become the message and the message is clear: traditional advertising will not cut the mustard anymore.

This fundamental insight is the bedrock of Sanjeevani.

Today the consumer isspoiltfor choice while a client has limited options!

Just look at the options your consumer has apart from the usual Press, TV and Radio. There is the cell-phone, the PC, social media, the touch-screen at the Mall, on-ground activation, et al! In fact one may safely conclude that wherever there is a screen, there is a potential consumer! Add to this innovations, events and direct reach. In this scenario, multiple service providers can easily dilute, even distort, your message. The true way forward is not just to advertise your brand but to seamlessly integrate it into the mindscape of the consumer. That is why Sanjeevani offers its clients an optimal, total solution for every need.That, to us,is real passion.

Ram K Jadhavv Company's Director says,"Sanjeevani Advertising Co is one of the leading advertising agencies in Central Suburbs, with its branches in Pune & Bengaluru. We will grow both organically and inorganically. With the strength of Sanjeevani and Iqbal Raj on board we are confident we will grow fast and achieve our goals."

Sanjeevani has set up a digital department, two senior managers have been hired with over ten years of experience over working with prestigious brands and agencies such as Windchimes, Leo Burnett, Concept Communications, Leelas, Infosys, HDFC, SBI, Zenith, MTS, Marlboro, Future Generali to name a few, who is also often invited to share knowledge and experiences in Digital Media at colleges, social media institutes, conventions, corporate events and industry panels.

Iqbal is not only an excellent creative talent, but also brings with him the strategic bent of mind that makes his work stand out with an innovative relevance that aligns perfectly with our philosophy at Sanjeevani. With his credentials already preceding him, what struck me most about Iqbal was his childlike curiosity and energy that evidently adds interesting dimensions to his creative ideas.
Iqbal Raj hasover 25 years of overall experience - he started his career with Lintas (now Lowe Lintas) in 1987 - Raj has worked with FCB Ulka and then Everest. Subsequently, he set up his own production house. Six years after that, he joined Contract for two years before moving to Rediffusion Y&R. He joined Percept/H in March 2008 as NCD.

Over the years, Raj has worked on an array of brands including Rin, Surf, Wheel, Rexona, Lifebuoy, Parachute Hair Oil, Hair & Care, Ceat Tyres, Cadburys, Crompton & Crompton, Voltas, Godrej Store well, Deutsche Bank, Decolam, Johnson & Johnson, GMR, Air India, Air Deccan, HSBC, P & G - Vicks, Oil of Olay, Vicks Vaporub and Vaposyrup, SBI Mutual Fund and Bajaj Allianz.He has several awards to his credit including a Silver Tree, an award for a public service campaign, an Effie and Ad Club awards for Wheel, Surf Radio and Ceat Tyres.

Watch out future, here we come!

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