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iD Fresh Food encourages Mumbai to adapt natural and healthy eating habits

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National, January 09, 2017

There is a misconception amongst many consumers that any food product which comes in a packaged form is not natural and has a lot of additives and chemicals. iD is a fresh food company which takes pride in its products as its 100% Natural, Free of preservatives, Chemicals or any added flavors. The products are made just like one would make at home.

The brand wanted to come out with an outdoor advertising campaign to reach their TG in Mumbai.

The objective behind the campaign was twofold:

Break the stereotype in the minds of people when it comes to packaged food

To encourage natural and healthy eating habits

To reach the above stated objectives it was important to have a hard hitting communication and a well-integrated execution strategy, all the more for a city like Mumbai. A 360 degree media plan with specific focus on outdoor medium has been adopted which integrates with print, radio, digital and BTL activities.

An OOH marketing strategy was planned keeping reach and frequency in mind. Mumbai city alone houses 22 million population. It is impossible to reach out to the entire audience. Hence, the campaign was coupled with print and radio advertising.

The elements of outdoor campaign are as below:

Bus shelters


Digital screen at metro stations

Digital screen at airport

With the bus shelter campaign the brand aims at reaching out to south and west of Mumbai which covers close to 800 bus routes. The Patel bridge gantry which is one of a prime and vantage property aims at targeting a minimum of 5 lakhs onlookers daily.
This is a 20 days campaign in the Mumbai city. Besides these traditional mediums, the brand has also has taken 106 odd digital screens across the metro stations with large format screens at Mumbai airport as well.

" This is the first mainstream campaign by iD Fresh Food in the city of Mumbai. Our strategic approach for implementing this campaign was to communicate to the customers the importance of eating natural and healthy. We have taken a 360 degree media approach in Mumbai to ensure maximum reach and visibility within our target audience", said Mr. Mithun Appaiah, VP Sales and Marketing, iD Fresh Food.

As per a Times OOH official, "With a strategic media approach, the OOH campaign of iD Fresh Food was planned as the brand wanted to encourage the consumption of healthy and 100% Natural food products. Thereby, in order to create a buzz and reach out to the food lovers, fitness enthusiasts and relevant TG of Mumbai, an outdoor advertising campaign was executed in various media formats.

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