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A refreshingly different digital ad campaign by adidas

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Company Brief
November 02, 2017

While the world was busy liking, sharing and tweeting about the latest internet trends, adidas saw an opportunity to fit its mega event, adidas Uprising 3.0 into this pop culture. Together with Isobar, their digital agency, adidas took forward their messaging to this 'always online generation' through an effective search-based campaign and made them register for Uprising - an annual multi-sport event by adidas.

Through this creatively curated guerilla marketing campaign, adidas Uprising took over Google and searches in the most unconventional way. Whether people searched for Game of Thrones' latest season, cricket highlights, or any upcoming events, they had a way to get their message across to them.

Some of the search ads that appeared on Google organic searches were:

1. The search results generated when someone searched for GOT season 7 was

2. Instead of different costume options, this is what one got when they searched for Halloween 2017:

3. If you are looking to check if iPhone 10 is in stock or not, you will probably come across this.

These are a few of the many such strategically placed ads that reminded the audience to get out on the field and sweat it all out.

Next time you are searching the web, see if you catch any of these ads.

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Gurusharan Mishra