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Future Group presents 10 Memes that will influence India in 2018

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Company Brief
National, January 08, 2018

As we start the New Year with enthusiasm and a positive outlook, the Memetic Institute at Future Ideas part of Future Group, one of India's leading retail and FMCG Company presents, 'The Memes 2018' that outlines the powerful forces that will influence India this year. The memes are based on authentic data gathered in real time from more than 400 million consumers that visit Future Group retail stores across the country. Future Ideas has created the memes with the objective to understand how ideas, events, and trends influence the way in which societies and cultures evolve.

The memes will be used as learnings to help businesses understand what's coming next and be better informed about new initiatives across the worlds of technology, design, communication and consumption. Future Ideas, 'The Memes 2018' covers 10 important areas that influence day to day life with topics like Parenting, Connected Consumers, Plural Identities, The New Adults: 18 In 2018, Increasing Consumption Of Chinese Products, Lonely Indians, The Rise Of Visual Language, Data Rich India, Nurturing Leadership and Boredom And Experience Seeking.

Future Ideas Memes highlight the challenges faced in modern-day parenting where Mompreneurs are juggling small businesses with baby duties and Millennial Dads are participating more intensely in the parenting process with new strategies and coping mechanisms. Retailers need to cater to consumers who desire direct contact with the brand to shop almost anytime and from anywhere they are present. Indian's are leading multiple lives both in the virtual and real world with many preferences and needs unlike in the past.

With changing demographics, technology, democratization, rapid urbanization and changing family structures, Indians of today are experiencing profound shifts in identity. From a society that valued collective identity to one that is learning to appreciate individual agency, new challenges are at our fore. When living in a digitized tribal village, images and emojis are the new body language representations to convey much more than words can. Similarly with the rise in technology, within 5 years India will be a data rich country from being data poor. In reference to leadership, the role of leaders now is not to battle and survive, but to make impact, change and grow. The search for newer, multi-sensorial experiences, for escape from urban stress, for more genuine human connection is perhaps the biggest growth market in the world today.

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