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Duroflex partners with Chennai Super Kings as the Official Sleep Energising Partner

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Press Release
Bengaluru, April 13, 2018

Duroflex, one India's foremost manufacturer of sleep and comfort products, along with the noted Indian actor, writer and producer, R Madhavan, today launched a partnership with the franchise IPL team - Chennai Super Kings, as the Official Sleep Energising partner. The announcement was made in Bangalore over an entertaining evening with energetic performances, at a trade meet of over 400 dealers. High performance dealers and distributors were honored at the event. Popular Tamil comedy star Madhavan had the audience in splits with his stand-up act. Madhavan's insights on the importance of sound sleep for the human body along with an engaging conversation with the eager audience, was insightful.

Speaking about the partnership, Mr KS Viswanathan, Chief Executive Officer Chennai Super Kings, said, "Every sportsperson understands the importance of rest and recovery, and quality sleep is necessary for improved performances on the field each day. Duroflex shares a similar philosophy with Chennai Super Kings in that we strive to provide the best for our multi-million fan base. We are happy that Duroflex is championing conversations on sleep. The company has strong lineage in this industry and understands the importance of sleep very well.

Mr. Mathew Chandy, MD, Duroflex Private Limited said "We are honored to partner with this champion IPL team, Chennai Super Kings. We value the philosophy, vision and commitment the team brings to sports and hence we believe that as a brand we are championing the pulse of India with cricket. The energize range of Mattresses redefines sleep and an iconic sports team like the Chennai Super Kings reiterating our philosophy indicates our commitment to our customer's well-being. Feeling energized is essential and we believe our sleep conversations with our dealers and distributors are necessary to share the philosophy we have for this brand. We believe in energizing India, so that everyone is able to contribute effectively to the best of their abilities in building larger mandates for our country.

India's population suffers from immense sleep deprivation which can be detrimental. Duroflex understands sleep pain points like insomnia, sleep apnea etc. which can be improved with better sleep conditions and hence conceptualized the Energise Range of Mattresses to solve this very problem by providing deep, energizing sleep. The trade partners understand this sleep crisis and believe that the quality of the mattress can help the prevailing issue. Madhavan's engaging interaction inspired the audience to understand consumer pain points.

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