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Adventz launches Jai Kisaan Ann-Dhan-Sampann TV campaign

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Press Release
New Delhi, June 29, 2018

Zuari Agro Chemicals Limited (ZACL) has rolled out the Jai Kisaan Ann-Dhan-Sampann TV commercial to commemorate 50 years of brand Jai Kisaan and to bring out the 'business-to-farmer' transformation of the agri business led by the Adventz Group's flagship company.

The one-of-a-kind integrated farmer-centric TV commercial, Ann-Dhan-Sampann captures how enriched and fulfilled farmers mean a prosperous India; it highlights the mission of brand Jai Kisaan to enable farmers produce high-quality crops. For a nation that is coming back in realising its renewed potential in the agrarian economy, the mission has been crucial in charting a course in bettering lives within the farming community.

Mr Sunil Sethy, Managing Director, Zuari Agro Chemicals Limited, said: "For 50 years Jai Kisaan has been a key driver to address the agricultural requirements of a growth-intensive nation. Jai Kisaan has been consistently delivering quality products and services across India. A campaign such as Ann-Dhan-Sampann essentially conveys to our stakeholders the fundamental transformation that Zuari Agro Chemicals, thereby Jai Kisaan, has undertaken -- moving from a purely B2B company to establishing direct connect with the farmers. Over the years we have been working towards such a goal and our Jai Kisaan Junctions bear testimony to the resurgence. Through them we have established one-stop shop for farmers and farm-support services. We have now set a path and aim to be the single-largest facilitator for the farmers, either by manufacturing or sourcing agri-inputs and partnering with farmers, to achieve the farm economy's full potential."

Created and produced by R K SWAMY BBDO, the TVC-led campaign targets -- apart from the farmer - stakeholders such as policy makers, business partners, FIs and employees. It visualises how Jai Kisaan has helped turn farmers into agriculturists, educating them on scientific techniques, providing them new-age technologies and experiential farms. Through Jai Kisaan, Adventz today is a nation-building partner, supporting an agri-centric economy.

The Ann-Dhan-Sampann campaign amplifies the deep connection between agriculture and the values of Indian way of life; its essence is in its festive and earthy song set to an Indian tune, supporting the story of agriculture and the farmers here. The 60-second film showcases Jai Kisaan's role as a national brand, with shots representing all major crops in full bloom, across regions. To be aired in Hindi across national and regional news channels, Ann-Dhan-Sampann subtly captures Brand Jai Kisaan supporting and assisting the entire journey of farmers with a host of products, retail outlets, knowledge of best practices and technology, and helpful salahkaars (consultants).

Mr Gautam Pandit, Creative Director, R K SWAMY BBDO, said: "The challenge was to find a way to communicate self-sufficiency in food production in a simple, warm manner which anyone can understand. The insight was to find a cultural connection common to the whole country. Thus came in the Sanskrit idiom from our culture Anna-Dhann-Sampann."

The Ann-Dhan-Sampann TVC outlines Jai Kisaan's overall role in empowering the Indian farmer, not just in the fields but also in his daily life. Be it in opportunities in R&D, soil health and collaborative knowledge-sharing, Jai Kisaan has been at the forefront of such visible changes. With Jai Kisaan Junctions, as showcased in the commercial, ZACL has effectively put in place a well-networked outreach programme that assists the farmer in his livelihood. Brand Jai Kisaan is just not an entity that contributes to the yield but embodies the Adventz Group's agri-business vision to be the one-stop solution for the farm economy. With Jai Kisaan, ZACL upholds the mission to create value for farmers and stakeholders by providing integrated agri solutions to all farm needs.

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