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3Dot14: Radian Helping Brands Lower CAC Over 40%

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National, July 12, 2018

3dot14 has recently introduced its new product - Radian - a smart serving platform, in line with its digital offerings to the client. The product aims to deliver performance for every penny spent on digital by the client.

Radian engages the audience over mobile and desktop through a 360-degree channel, interacting with the user over the display, email, notification, and social media platforms. Its smart algorithm optimizes the audience for maximizing the interaction and hence lowering the customer acquisition cost (CAC).

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Sahil Chalana, Founder and Mentor, 3dot14, says, "Digital display ads will soon become entirely programmatic. Since it is automated and efficient, spending on programmatic is on the rise. This calls for a smart ad-serving technology that is precise and cuts down the acquisition cost."

With clients insisting on scaling up the volume, meeting the desired quality expectation as well as the performance attributes is a major challenge. Radian, still in its initial stages, has started delivering results and meeting client expectations.

Hitarth Saini, Digital Marketing Lead at MoneyTap, says, "With several digital solutions for scaling up lead generation at disposal, we are constantly looking for channels that give high-quality leads with a marginal incremental cost so that it doesn't significantly bloat-up our acquisition cost.

"Radian helped us in reducing the acquisition cost by more than 40% as compared to other acquisition channels that we used, despite a higher lead price. We are also planning to target a few contextual audiences via Radian to reach out similar customer segments in a different way for the same financial product."

With over six million pixels profiled across verticals as per the quality index, the smart Radian algorithm allows scaling volume based on the requirement. At present, it caters to the clients across various eminent BFSI, automobile, telecom, and real estate verticals including MoneyTap, Reliance Insurance, Supertech Properties, Prateek Group, among others.

"Clients always demand a better ROAS and that constantly pushes our team to bring in technology for smart serving. Radian is one such smart solution which has made clients test out the programmatic spends in search for a better ROI", says Dinesh, Marketing Head, 3dot14.

With the major focus on ad tech, 3dot14 is committed to innovating and reshaping the market beyond CPM and CTR to a performance-driven marketplace through programmatic channels.


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