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iAvatarZ Digital acquires Singapore based IOT and AI Platform "The IN Things Pte"

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Press Release
iAvatarZ Digital
New Delhi, November 22, 2018

iAvatarZ Digital, a decade old digital marketing company has acquired Singapore headquartered company The IN Things. The IN Things is "Moment of Truth" Advertising Engine for IOT World. The acquisition will further strengthen iAvatarZ's overall product offering in the India, SEA and Middle East market.

Mr. Uma Shankar Bhardwaj (Founder and CEO iAvatarZ Digital) says " I feel very excited as this acquisition will help us create new edge technology solutions for our clients and will further strengther our presence in markets where we operate". According to him, IOT will connect numerous kinds of devices in our daily lives and the amount of data generated by these devices will only surge. The marketers can leverage this data to create impactful insights, identify patterns to capture customer interactions, and predict customer behavior and lifestyle. IoT has the capability to unlock customer's lifestyles for you. This data can help marketers extract valuable information to provide rich customer experiences. There are endless possibilities of using this data to deliver contextual messages in real-time.

Uma Shankar Bhardwaj & DOUBLE & # title= Uma Shankar Bhardwaj

Mr. Swatantra Negi (Business Head iAvatarZ Digital, SEA) says, In less than 4 years, there will be 50 billion IoT devices worldwide. Smartphones, wearables, new-generation home gadgets - everything that surrounds us will be connected to the Web! Massive data generated by IoT will help feed machine learning algorithms, which will augment the capabilities of predictive analytics. IoT means having more touch points to acquire data, gathering a variety of information by tracking customers, which would enable marketing analytics to identify the types of campaigns that customers are most responsive to, and what conditions and trends impact a purchase decision of the customer.

Mr. Vaibhav Mathur (Business Head iAvatarZ Digital, India & GCC) says, it is a great achievement for us and we all feel enthusiastic of the new journey ahead of us. This acquisition paves way for the next level of growth for the company. This would enable us to build more precise data sets with highly concentrated personalization layered over and above regular audience data through connected devices. The convergence of Advertising and IOT will ensure the right person, views every single ad at the right time, on the right device. Also by combining DCO to it, Marketers will be able to show different Ad experiences to their consumers depending upon their behaviors and patterns across these connected devices.

iAvatarZ Digital is a leading Digital Advertising Platform that has been offering solutions to advertisers for over 10 Years in India & International markets. iAvatarZ specializes in Online display, Mobile & Rich media advertising technology with its quality, and unique blend of Brand marketing solutions offering a Global reach. They also have a highly innovative Multilingual In-Text advertising platform which helps advertisers by placing ads within the content to relevant audiences. At the same time, they are building greater focus by expanding their Mobile and Programmatic solutions to advertisers in the market.

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