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Haqeeqat 'B.A.Gs' RAPA awards

Section :BTL Briefs, Category : Media

Haqeeqat, the critically-acclaimed show on Sahara TV, has been declared the winner of two prestigious RAPA Awards. The first being the 'Best Programme of the Year' in the category of non-fiction and the second for 'Best Director', awarded to Sourabh Narang.

Announced on Thursday, May 22, 2003, the awards function will be held in Mumbai on June 7. Speaking on the occasion, Anurradha Prasad, managing director, B.A.G Films said, "This is a tribute to our entire team at B.A.G Films who have made this a reality. The audience has regularly appreciated our programmes and this is proof of the fact."

Anchored by Mahesh Bhatt, Haqeeqat is a series that exposes man's cruelty to his fellow beings, providing an outlet for those individuals whose human rights have been violated. Haqeeqat had clinched the 'Best Director' trophy at the 2001 RAPA Awards apart from winning two more ('Best Director' and 'Best Screenplay Writer') at the Indian Telly Awards 2002.