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Win 94.6 is off-air

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The airwaves in Mumbai will be short of one player for at least a "few days" with the Millennium Broadcast-promoted Win 94.6 going off air, effective 1.00 pm on May 27. An official statement from the company points at "unresolved legal and technical issues" for the cause of disruption. However, company sources single out "complications on the license fees front", as the reason for the switch-off.

License fees for the Mumbai circle is a whopping Rs 11.25 crore, up from Rs 9.75 crore, which was the figure last year. Percentage-wise, the difference amounts to 15.38, which is significant considering that the revenue potential of the medium is not high.

Analysts peg the overall industry losses at approximately Rs 120 crore with the situation getting no better. At a radio seminar at Frames 2003 in mid-March, Sumantro Dutta, chief operating officer, Radio City, had stated, "One needs to think survival and not scorching pace. High licence fees make the business unviable."

Company sources at Win 94.6 indicate that the station had received a "sudden notice" from the Government to revoke their license. "We are in the process of resolving the various issues and hope to be back on air within the next few days," is the official line of communication.