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Zee TV ties up with TinselVision for video-on-demand

Zee TV’s programmes will be available via online video-on-demand to customers of TinselVision

The international arm of Zee Telefilms Ltd, Zee TV US, has formed a content distribution alliance with online video-on-demand (VoD) provider TinselVision.

The agreement gives TinselVision the rights to distribute Zee TV’s content -- including Bollywood movies, soap operas, reality and games shows -- on its platform. The yet-to-be-launched service will deliver content for South Asian audiences through IPTV technology on PCs and laptops to start with, and later to television sets through set-top boxes with broadband connections.

Zee TV ties up with TinselVision for video-on-demand
The company plans to form similar alliances with other television networks as it builds its digital library. It is targeting about eight million customers interested in South Asian television programmes, and would access it on-demand. TinselVision has received $3 million in funding from Innovative Entertainment Ltd earlier this month.

“This is more than a new channel or platform meeting existing content and customers. This is a very large and new addressable revenue stream that will be seized by a small number of players over the next couple of years,” said Amir Ahmed, senior advisor to TinselVision's CEO, TinselVision in a statement.

Zee TV ties up with TinselVision for video-on-demand
As television networks look for wider platforms for their content, partnerships such as this are expected to gain currency. Zee is already aggressive on its distribution strategy for overseas markets, especially through syndication.
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