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Rediff launches content-sharing website, ties up with Zee has launched iShare, a social content-sharing platform to publish and share music, videos and images has ventured into a user-generated content sharing portal with the launch of iShare. The website is a platform for users to share, upload and store their videos, images and music.

The launch of iShare has been accredited by Rediff to users’ increasing dependence on digital equipment such as camera phones, video recorders, iPods and multimedia devices. “Now that youngsters and professionals are truly clicking every moment of their lives via their trendy handsets, iShare hopes to give them a platform to maintain a diary or a logbook of all the photographs, music and videos and also share them with their friends and see other people’s stuff,” said Ajit Balakrishnan, chairman and CEO,, at the launch of iShare in New Delhi on Tuesday.

Rediff launches content-sharing website, ties up with Zee
Zee is Rediff’s first partner to leverage iShare as a platform to churn out some more finalists through the site for their talent hunt show, ‘Saregamapa’. A joint initiative between the two companies called ‘Voice of Rediff on Zee Saregamapa’ is for aspiring singers who have missed out on participating in the current season of the show. They can create their videos or record their voice and upload it on iShare; it will be evaluated by the judges of ‘Saregamapa’. One finalist from five on iShare will be called to compete in the grand finale of the show. Tarun Mehra, senior vice-president, marketing, Zee Network, said, “iShare shortens the distance we need to travel to get the right voices for the show. It will help gain ground connect interactivity with the audiences”.
Rediff launches content-sharing website, ties up with Zee
Ajit Balakrishnan
“Rediff’s iShare is a catalyst for young Indian fulfilling their urge to share, connect and meet people having common passions about audio, video and picture content,” added Manish Agarwal, vice-president, Marketing,

iShare can be downloaded on to the desktop and has a utility tool that can be used to upload multiple files created on mobile phones, digicams, MP3 players or iPods. It also allows advertisements to be inserted either in the beginning or at the end of a music file or video which is viewed by users.