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Komli introduces behavioural targeting solution

Will help advertisers target a potential audience beyond the top portals

Online ad network company Komli Media is now offering behavioural targeting capabilities to its advertisers. This will initially track users visiting travel sites and then target them with travel advertisements regardless of the type of site the users visit.

For instance, a travel portal can avail of the opportunity of advertising on various sites that are surfed by people who love travelling or are looking forward to a vacation. This would help the travel site to expand its advertising reach and target surfers beyond just the travel sites.

Komli introduces behavioural targeting solution
Akshay Garg
The targeting service will be of two types. One would offer brand engagement for advertisers who want to establish their brand name in the market; the other model will help in getting ROI on ad spends for advertisers focused on increasing revenues.

The idea of behavioural targeting goes beyond contextual and content-category targeting to track users anonymously. Advertisers can then serve ads to the desired user profiles, interests, or demographics. Akshay Garg, business head, Komli, says, “We don’t capture a surfer’s track record – only their online habits are looked at and they continue to remain anonymous even when they are targeted.”

Behavioural targetting will help spread the advertisement further, from specific popular websites to niche publishers. Another new feature that the company is planning to introduce is designing the creatives for advertisers or publishers working with Komli, says Garg.

The company is working with mass and niche portals from categories such as travel, jobs and finance. “We are working with agencies such as Tribal DDB, Mediaturf, Interactive Avenues, Quasar Media, Group M and Ogilvy,” adds Garg.