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Digital to tick for JWT

In the current times of slowdown, JWT utilizes its five year old initiative, AnxietyIndex, to offer solutions to consumers and marketers

With almost everyone coming up with a strategy to counter the slowdown, advertising agency, JWT, is not far behind. The agency had launched a website – - in 2003, when the US-Iraq conflict was heating up. The website will now discuss issues related to the global downturn.

AnxietyIndex was launched with a view to consider and discuss issues that cause anxiety to the consumer. With the recent global slowdown becoming a topic of concern for all, planners from JWT’s offices worldwide have decided to provide their views, learnings and strategies to counter these tough times.

Apart from blogs, the website has research and trend reports, which are an outcome of surveys that have been conducted in countries such as the US, UK, Canada and Australia. The website provides information about how consumers feel, and the effect of particular situations that cause anxiety and lead to category changes and alterations in consumer behaviour. The purpose is to determine the big triggers of anxiety amongst consumers and marketers. to tick for JWT
Senior planners from JWT India -- Atika Malik, senior vice-president and executive planning director, JWT Delhi; Pragya Singh; Mythili Chandrashekhar, vice-president and executive planning director, JWT Chennai and Shaziya Khan, vice-president and strategy planning director, have begun posting articles on the website. Other planners from the JWT planning fraternity across the world would be contributing too.

Currently, the studies on the website are mostly representative of the Western countries; the Indian picture has not been presented yet. Talking to afaqs!, Atika Malik of JWT reveals that India will also be included as part of the sampling of the surveys that will be conducted for research reports, from the next wave, that is, next month. China is another market which is of concern to most marketers. Along with China, other Asian markets too will be covered on AnxietyIndex soon.

As per the global studies conducted by the agency, each wave varies from a month to two, depending on the requirements. From the Indian point of view, however, at least a quarterly study would be considered, says Malik.

In the context of the global slowdown, two pieces of research have been put in place -- first, how it has impacted the youth; and second, the relationship of consumers with luxury brands. Youth is an important set of consumers for marketers, which was enough reason for the agency to consider research on this consumer segment. Likewise, the consumption of luxury brands would definitely see a modification in times of economic slowdown. The agency handles the global creative duties for Diamond Trading Corporation (DTC), and thus, research on luxury brands seems relevant in terms of their client’s requirements.

This initiative has been introduced to JWT's client base and immediate client circle. Understanding the all-pervasive need for such information, JWT is not restricting the findings of its studies to itself and its clients. Consumers and marketers outside the JWT pool of clients can also easily access this information and gain benefit from it, free of cost. The AnxietyIndex is available to everyone for no charge. The JWT Intelligence reports, which are specific, detailed reports on a host of subjects, however, need to be purchased.

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