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Ad2c acquires MobiMasta

The company completed the process of acquisition last month. The acquisition will provide access to the agency's existing client base, which includes Reebok, Yahoo, Coca-Cola and NDTV.

Ad2c, the mobile marketing agency, has acquired MobiMasta, one of the first mobile agencies in the country. The acquisition is seen as an attempt by Ad2c to establish its base in India. It will provide Ad2c access to MobiMasta's existing client base that includes Reebok, Yahoo, Adidas and NDTV, amongst others.

Ad2c acquires MobiMasta

Madan Sanglikar, CEO, Ad2c, says, "This was a strategic move to create a strong base in India. We believe that mobile's popularity will be driven by the platform's ability to offer location-based interactivity. It will drive the immediate call to action and provide rich media content, apart from giving high returns on investment (ROI) to clients."

The acquisition of the mobile marketing agency will also provide Ad2c access to the clients of Starcom MediaVest Group (SMG), including Samsung, which had a tie-up with the media agency that will continue with Ad2C.

Moreover, Ad2c will partner creative agency Dentsu and will work with the agency's digital team to create mobile solutions for its clients.

"We will bring many insights that will further help to create innovation for not only our existing clients, but for Starcom and Dentsu clients as well," adds Sanglikar.

Interestingly, the mobile marketing agency also looks to create partnerships with other media and creative agencies. Sanglikar believes that this will not only spread knowledge but also provide a chance to grow mobile advertising.

For the record, Ad2c was floated by Japan-based D2C and Affle Group of companies, which is headquartered in Singapore.

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