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Presentation: The Mobile Messaging Apps Consumer in India

The Mobile Messaging App study conducted in May and June 2014 covered 455 smartphone users in India.

Young mobile users in India between the age group 18 and 24 are leading the charge using messaging apps, states a study conducted by InMobi to understand the consumer behaviour of mobile messaging apps on smartphones in India.

Presentation: The Mobile Messaging Apps Consumer in India
The Study, conducted in May and June 2014, covered 455 smartphone users in India and showed that 95 per cent of messaging app users in India access messaging apps multiple times in a day and that messaging apps were the preferred way for communication, bypassing even social networks and voice calls.

According to the study, the top five factors that influence download of mobile messaging apps are staying in touch with friends (44 per cent), sharing photos and videos (39 per cent), staying in touch with family (30 per cent), Group messaging (21 per cent).

Browsing app stores, word-of-mouth and mobile ads are the top three drivers of mobile messaging apps amongst users. Advertisements on TV and OOH appear to have limited influence on driving the adoption of mobile messaging apps.

The increased smartphone penetration in India is also contributing for greater access to mobile messaging apps. Of an estimated 900 million users who are on mobile devices, nearly 10 per cent are already on smartphones.

Indians prefer price points that range between Rs 71 and Rs 129 for making in-app purchases. In-app purchases are usually add-ons like emoticons, games, stickers and virtual currency, among others. While 1 in 5 mobile Internet users have already made an in-app purchase when using a mobile messaging/chat application, about 18 per cent are likely to consider it. One-third of the users make in-app purchases mainly to get additional features.

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