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"Funding kahey nahi uthatay ho?" is a line in this start-up's video appeal to VCs

Film production house Paper Weight Entertainment has released an unconventional appeal for funding titled 'Keh Ke Lengey Funding'. VCs, are you listening?

Remember Anurag Kashyap's Bollywood blockbuster 'Gangs of Wasseypur' (GOW) that made a huge impact in the minds of the audience with its powerful dialogues, delivered by the characters Sardar Khan, Faizal Khan and Ramadhir Singh? Taking a cue from the compelling narrative, as well as the movie's famous song 'Teri Keh ke Lunga', Paper Weight Entertainment (PWE), a Delhi-based start-up engaged in making short films, documentaries, corporate films, and advertising, launched an ad campaign 'Keh Ke Lengey Funding'.

The over seven-minute video, which attempts to reach out to Venture Capitalists, (VCs), has a liberal dose of humour thrown in. The 'Keh Ke Lenge Funding' film also highlights the fact that while nonsensical 'saas-bahu' serials dominated the creative space on television for a long time, the quality of the digital content, currently available online, has also deteriorated over the years.

"Funding kahey nahi uthatay ho?" is a line in this start-up's video appeal to VCs
Speaking about the ad film, Noreen Sodhi, CEO (chief experiment organiser) and producer, PWE, says, "The film is a serious pitch for VCs, and we hope it will make its way to boardrooms. It's a step to innovatively present your work to the VCs."
"Funding kahey nahi uthatay ho?" is a line in this start-up's video appeal to VCs
Elaborating on the aim behind the initiative, Sodhi says, "Keeping the present trend in mind, we have analysed that millennials have moved to the internet looking for entertainment and creativity, with the focus changing to likes, shares and subscriptions on YouTube."
"Funding kahey nahi uthatay ho?" is a line in this start-up's video appeal to VCs
In an absolute Gangs of Wasseypur-style, the characters in the film - Mohsina Hamid, and Faizal Khan - talk about the commitment they will show to their clients, with their conversation ending with Hamid's, "Funding kahey nahi uthatay ho?"
"Funding kahey nahi uthatay ho?" is a line in this start-up's video appeal to VCs
The hilarious video ends with a visibly disappointed father telling his son who watches soap operas that he just can't do it. "Beta tumse na ho paayega," the father tells the shame-faced son with the same punch as Ramadhir Singh tells his son in GOW.

The PWE team wrote on the YouTube page: "Amidst the world of degrading content, PWE aka 'Paper Weight Entertainment' will rise with the promise of good quality content production. To fulfill the promise, the determined PWE Team has just one thing to say -- 'Keh Ke Lengey Funding!' We dedicate this video proposal short film to Anurag Kashyap, an inspiration to the young generation of filmmakers."

Interestingly, the characters played in the ad film are none other than the employees of PWE. "It took us almost a month to create this film. Our biggest challenge was that we had to shoot the film in an auto mode. Being behind-the-scene people, analysing and managing our own shots were tasks in themselves. However, the script of the film was what kept us going," informs Sodhi.

PWE has garnered substantial support from potential investors through this one and only digital campaign that is available on social networking platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. "With the whole world moving towards video content and being video content developers ourselves, we wanted to interact with the VCs in a way that matched with what we do. The point was that we wanted our work to speak for itself and show the interested party what it can look forward to if it invests in us. 'Modern day VCs' have been very kind to acknowledge our work. We have received some offers and it has been very inspiring," says Sodhi.

A blockbuster ad film?

We asked our experts if the effort will fetch its digital due, and will VCs actually consider funding a firm that communicates in this way.

"Funding kahey nahi uthatay ho?" is a line in this start-up's video appeal to VCs
"Funding kahey nahi uthatay ho?" is a line in this start-up's video appeal to VCs
Tinu Cherian Abraham, a communications and corporate marketing professional, says, "The video is cheeky and interesting, but in terms of narration, not the best. However, what better way for a video or a film production company to seek funding than through video and good storytelling?"

Nimesh Shah, head maven, Windchimes Communications, says, "A lot of entrepreneurs are getting creative with their VC pitch and aren't necessary relying on PPTs. So, with the construct, the PWE team has definitely come out with a novel and befitting way to raise funds, especially given that it is a production house. After all, if it is going to raise money for its craft, it is better to use it as an exhibit itself. I don't think the ad film is flippant because VCs don't mind a bit of drama and entertainment as long as it is supported by a strong business model and sound senior management. I felt it could have used less cliché though, and made the script crispier as it is asking for too much of the VC's time with over seven minutes."

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