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Bloomberg|Quint launches WhatsApp news service

The readers can access business and financial news on the go.

In a recent announcement, Bloomberg|Quint, business and financial news company, has launched a WhatsApp service for decision makers and executives on the go. The service will connect subscribers to Bloomberg|Quint’s comprehensive daily coverage of global and domestic business news, market movements and views from the country’s most influential corporate leaders. This service follows the recent launch of Bloomberg|Quint’s BQ Live, a digital live streaming business news service available across its site, the bloomberg terminal and leading social and video platforms.

Bloomberg|Quint launches WhatsApp news service
Anil Uniyal

With WhatsApp emerging as one of the top channels for consumption and sharing of news, Bloomberg|Quint has launched this service to deepen its engagement with users and augment its distribution footprint. Subscribers to the service receive Bloomberg|Quint’s 'All You Need To Know' morning podcast, alerts and updates on the economy, corporate and markets news. Users can also interact through hashtag based search to consume content of their interest such as markets, opinion, business and politics.

Anil Uniyal, CEO of Bloomberg|Quint, says in a press release, “As a brand, we believe in being accessible to our users wherever they are. WhatsApp evidently is a platform of choice for top executives to consume and share content with peers and thus this service is integral to our digital-first philosophy. The initial response has been overwhelming and we are committed to scaling up this service in terms of users and features.”

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