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Concept Communication’s approach to AI, AR, and emerging technologies

Vivek Suchanti, chairman, Concept Communication, believes even if clients have adopted AI, they prefer agencies for new and effective tech solutions.

The collaboration between advertising and artificial intelligence (AI) has transformed how brands interact with their target audiences, utilising its algorithms to analyse extensive datasets and customise messages with accuracy.

According to research conducted by the US-based technology company IBM, in February 2024, around 59% of enterprise-scale organisations (with over 1,000 employees) surveyed in India actively use AI in their businesses.

Vivek Suchanti, chairman, Concept Communication, an integrated marketing communication agency, spoke to afaqs! about how the advertising industry is agile and adapting to technological advancements, and more importantly, educating clients on the effective use of AI.

Edited excerpts:

Q: Can you provide examples of how Concept Communication utilises data-driven insights to tailor advertising campaigns for different target audiences?

A: At our agency, we do not just use data-driven insights but also our proprietary T-cut models to tailor advertising campaigns for different target audiences.

For example, in a recent campaign for a client in the Realty category, we identified distinct audience segments and their needs. For Upgraders, we highlighted cutting-edge features on social media. For expanding families, we emphasised ‘intelligent space structure’ on platforms where they research prices. This approach resulted in highly targeted campaigns, increased engagement, and positive ROI.

By analysing demographic data, online behaviour, purchase history, and other relevant metrics, we gain deep insights into who our clients' customers are and what motivates them. Furthermore, with AI-based digital tools, we get advanced learnings of consumers and insights.

Q: With the proliferation of digital platforms, how does Concept ensure that advertising efforts remain effective and engaging across diverse channels?

A: At Concept Communication, we ensure effective and engaging advertising across diverse digital platforms and that is our top priority. We achieve this by staying agile and constantly adapting our strategies to the evolving digital landscape.

Our approach involves several key elements:

  • Comprehensive understanding of the latest features, trends algorithms on all digital platforms, allowing us to maximise client reach and engagement

  • Audience-centric approach using data analytics and consumer insights

  • Creative versatility

  • Continuous real-time optimisation by monitoring of KPI through digital tools and AI-based integration

  • Ensuring integration across all platforms

  • Maintain a consistent brand presence 

Q: Today the emergence of Al has led to the clients becoming even more self-reliant. How are you navigating this?

A: We adapt to clients' growing self-reliance with AI by offering value-added services, collaborating closely, providing customised solutions, educating clients on effective AI use, and staying ahead with continuous innovation. While most clients are adopting AI and its usage to transform their businesses, they are gravitating toward agencies that have already adopted new technologies to deliver solutions innovatively, effectively, and quickly.

Q: Concept Communications recently launched AVTR Meta Labs, an Indian content focussed meta influencer company. What is the primary objective of the same?

A: AVTR Meta Labs was formed with the idea of virtual influencing and building communities around the Avatars. Initially, we focussed on getting the technology right. We have now embarked on creating channels for communities.

AVTR has two clear business models, One is to create its IP and communities which can be used by brands for communication and the other is the services model where we will be able to create Avatar brands where the brands own the IP.

Q: Are there any other partnerships and collaborations in the pipeline?

A: We are currently in discussions for a partnership in the new age OOH, and activation company. We will also continue to look for opportunities in the event and exhibition space. This year we would also increase our digital advertising services organically as well as inorganically.

Q: What future technological advancements do you believe will have the most significant impact on the advertising industry, and how is your company preparing for these changes?

A: We anticipate that future technological advancements such as AI, augmented reality (AR), and advanced data analytics will have the most significant impact on the advertising industry. To prepare for these changes, we are investing in talent with expertise in these areas, fostering a culture of innovation, forming strategic partnerships with technology providers, and continuously researching and testing emerging technologies. This ensures that we stay ahead of the curve and can effectively leverage these advancements to deliver innovative and effective advertising solutions for our clients.

Q: Concept Communications’ revenue in absolute terms in 2021-22 was Rs 43.6 crore. How much has it grown since then? What were the strategies involved?

A: Concept Communication’s revenue in absolute terms on a consolidated basis was over Rs 75 crore in FY22 which has doubled to Rs 150 crore in FY24. The pace of growth has been scorching in the last two years primarily because of the transformation both in terms of technology and management. I also think the changes we made internally by forming strategic business units (SBU) with clearly defined leadership to drive business with entrepreneurial spirit have worked for us.

We are well-positioned to grow our team and numbers over the next three years. We plan to double our Gross revenues from the current Rs 150 crore to Rs 300 crore by FY27. We are also working towards ensuring at least one-third of that i.e. Rs100 crore is from digital communication services.

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