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Digital ad insertions grew by 52% in 2022: TAM AdEx

Amazon Online India and Grammarly retained their first and second positions respectively during 2022.

The year 2022 saw 52% growth in digital ad insertions as compared to 2021. During the year 2022, the services sector had 45% share of ad insertions, followed by education with 12% share. 

The top two sectors together added more than 55% share of Ad Insertions on digital. Building, industrial and land materials was the new entrant in the top 10 sectors in 2022.

The ecom-online shopping ascended to the first rank during 2022 as compared to the previous year. Coaching/competitive exam centre and Ecom-financial services were the new entrants in the top 10 categories in 2022. The top 10 categories added 45% share of digital ad insertions.

Amazon Online India and Grammarly Inc retained their first and second positions respectively during 2022. Samsung India Electronics not only moved to third rank, but also was a new entrant in the top 10 list of advertisers.

Among the growing categories, cellular phones-smartphones saw highest increase in ad insertions with growth of 2.9 times followed by coaching/competitive exam centre with 2.1 times growth during  2022 compared to 2021.

In terms of ad insertion growth, the e-comm-online shopping category witnessed highest growth among the top 10 i.e. 69%. Five out of the top 10 growing categories belonged to the e-comm sector.

Excluding YouTube, is the leading publisher in terms of advertising during 2022. NDTV News-India ascended to third position followed by

Desktop display topped with 42% of digital ad insertions followed by mobile display ads on the second position with 29% share. Ad network was the most popular method for promoting ads on digital platforms, accounting for 51% of total ad insertions, followed by programmatic method with 27% share. 

HTML5 ads grabbed highest insertions (43%) on digital, followed by banner with 32% share. Video ads secured third position with 25% share in 2022.

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